Level Up Leadership
By Francis KongDeveloping the SelfAnd leading others

EST. 2011

Great leaders bring out the best in their people.


This 2 day seminar-workshop is a comprehensive course on leadership training designed to equip high potential leaders with effective and proven principles, behaviors and applications with the objective to develop the business organization’s most important asset – their valued people.

This is based on the philosophy that as leaders develop themselves they lead their people better and as a winning team grow the business.

Developing the self and Leading others


Francis Kong is one of the most respected business speakers in the country. He earns the distinction as being one of the recipients for 2014 The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Awards.

As an entrepreneur, Francis is well versed in the field of manufacturing and retail. He founded a famous garment brand and ran it successfully for 17 years. He also ventured into retail of an Italian fashion brand and managed it’s marketing and operations for many years. He formed Success Options Inc and Training Consultancy Company and Funworks Inc. He also co-founded the Leadership Consultancy company called Inspire-UN.

He sits as an adviser in some of the country’s top business corporations as well as mentors many of the top business leaders in the country.

Francis runs a radio program called Business Matters at DZFE-FM 98.7

As a speaker and trainer, Francis averages more than 300 talks, seminars and training both here and abroad yearly and has authored 18 books as of yet.


Francis Kong is a recipient of the TOFIL (The Outstanding Filipino Award in 2014.

Anvil Award for Excellence for the staging of the John Maxwell Seminar Series.

Won an Anvil Award for Excellence for his book “Famealy Matters”

Was given a Communications and Leadership Award from Toastmasters.

5 time awardee for The Best Business Column for 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 by the Catholic Mass Media Awards

Have been accorded Hall of Fame Awardee by the Catholic Mass Media Awards for being a 5 time awardee for The Best Business Column

Was given Dr. Jose Rizal Awards for Journalism

Was given Gold Quill Award for Public Speech Category

Business Experience

Highly experienced in the field of manufacturing and retail and founded and ran a garments company profitably for 17 years.

His other businesses include a consultancy company, a children’s edutainment company, a publishing company and others.

As a business consultant Francis sits as an adviser and a personal coach to many of the country’s top leaders and achievers.

As a broadcaster Francis runs a radio program at DZFE-FM

As a public speaker and a trainer, he averages more than 300 talks, keynotes and seminars every year.

As a book author, he has authored 19 books and more are in the pipeline.


See you on April for the Level Up Leadership 2019!

April Level Up Leadership Run

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“A great program involves the essence of leadership and how this applies to work, family and relationships. Up-to-date information, forward thinking and related to our industry.”

MICHAEL CHEN - Vice President

“Level Up Leadership is not just leadership for the organization but also for life skills and this kind of training is essential to hone up leadership in each of us. it is very useful, practical and implementable to be used in our organization and even in your personal life.”

SAMMY CAMUA - Importation Officer

“The program was well thought of. It is well crafted and is not boring. This is a business seminar but the lessons gathered from the talk are very much applicable to life in general.”


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